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⭐️ Cheap Rainy Day. Microscope lens clip-on. —————————————————————- Getting bored❓Nothing on Netflicks❓You know what that means.... Macro Photography❗️😃 ———————————————————— This is a Microscope lens clip-on attachment for smartphones. I bought it from Amazon. Perhaps, late at night. After a few adult beverages. But hey, it was only $3❗️😁 ————————————————————— The box says it’s good for taking pics of food, flowers, money, rocks or anything really. I’m using a Japanese 1,000 yen bill, which is about $10. ☝️ ————————————————————- Setup is easy. The lens can be pushed/pulled to zoom in on things. You don’t need one but I’m using a mini tripod with a remote shutter button. I do recommend using a single lens smartphone (SLS 😂). In my case, I’m using an old iPhone 4S. 🤓 I couldn’t really get a good seal around the dual lens of my iPhone XS. —————————————————————— And it works great❗️60x magnification is more than enough to see details you wouldn’t normally notice. For $10 more you can step up to a better quality Kenko microscope with 120x. 😍 —————————————————————- Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. I really enjoyed using the two lights built into it. However, I preferred the LED one as the UV light shows things I’d rather be ignorant about. 😅 Everyone please take care. 🙏 —————————————————————— ⭐️ Pics by iPhone 4S w/ Microscope Clip-on. 😉

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