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Ryn Potts #B4n5m_hgLtX photo

Ryn Potts


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this is what healing looks like. basically, i’ve finally been able to start to get over the mental and emotional trauma i collected during my years of ballet training and re-recognize the value that the technique has to my career as a professional dancer in fields other than ballet, which is only beginning and will someday bloom into something wonderful. this caption turned out to be a big spiel, so i decided to cut it back and write a blog post on the subject, so keep an eye out for that. to make a long story short (even though i’ve already failed at that lol), i’m finally in a place of confidence in myself to practice ballet as a way to improve my dancing overall instead of something to torture myself with the personal impossibility of perfection, and i’m super excited that i’ve shifted my perspective. a new cycle has begun and i’m beyond excited to see what it will bring. (also pls excuse my crusty no makeup/concentration face)

#stillfarfromperfect #butcaringwayless
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