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Repost from @fitnotfatcop So, last week I got into the most violent physical encounter in my 6 years of law enforcement. Not only was it violent, but it also lasted for more than two minutes of nonstop brawling. Tasers and batons failed, and suddenly our only tools were our hands. I mean this sincerely: if I had still been the fat cop I was in January, I would have been killed. . I was getting to the point in my life where walking up a flight of stairs left me breathless. 2+ minutes of fighting? I would have been gassed at 30 seconds. I attribute my survival to my new level of physical fitness. That fight reinforced why I'm going through all of this. It was an awesome reminder of what it means to be a Tactical Athlete. . If you are a first responder and are out of shape, you owe it to your family, your agency, your community, and yourself to get your ass in shape. There WILL come a time where you will be tested. Get fit, or get killed. If you are a cop, share this post, or at least tell other cops about it, motivate those who need to get fit, remind them of why it matters. 💘 Follow @police.insta.club for more 😉  Comment below if You like this 💕 📣 👌 credit @bluelineflex 👍 😝 💘 Tag your friends 👇

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